The guitarist/singer

At the beginning of 2020, I kept my sanity by writing about the current era and what it all means to me. I planned a recording-session with drummer Florian Hoefnagels and bassist Solon Carpay. We added some previously unreleased songs and as a result my first studioalbum was released in 2021, available on Spotify and all the other streamingplatforms;

We brought some cameras to the recordingstudio and edited this video of one of the songs “My life a mess”;

As you may have noticed the title-track is not on the album. We simply didn’t make it to record the song during that session. So I decided to do some recording at home on a Tascam 8-track, playing all instruments myself and I even got the inspiration to write and record another one called “Sovereign Song”.

This turned out pretty well and I started hearing some choirvoices in my head that I asked singer Rinske Tol to add to the recordings. She did a beautiful job! It all resulted in the two songs below, released as a single in january 2023. Special thanks to Rick & John at studio A60 for the mixing;