The flamenco-player

During the last twenty-some years I am active as a flamenco-guitarist, accompanying the song and dance;

I’ve been working with dancer/teacher Antje “Azules” Herber for many years. Since 2016 we organise flamenco workshopweeks/weekends at locations in France, Germany and Holland, where we teach dance and guitar and the interaction with the “cante”, the singing. For the past few years, singer David Moran “El Gamba” from Jerez the la frontera has been joining us for our week in Germany. He’s famous for his “soniquete”, his flamenco-groove, check out this video;

Here’s the link to a page where you can find out more about our flamenco-events;

I also play in a duo called “Canal Sur” with singer Helena Perez. Here some videos with special guest-singer Rinske Tol;