Face The Music

In 2019 I formed a new group called Face The Music, with singer Rinske Tol and guitarist/singer Solon Carpay. Solon is the bassplayer I’ve been working with for some years and he turned out to be also a very gifted guitarplayer and a lead-singer in his own right.

“Face The Music”, three beautiful people singing beautiful three-part harmonies, with songs from the seventies on to the present… and there will be some seriously fired up guitar playing!

For more information or bookings, send an email to face_the_music [a] yahoo.com

“Face The Music” bestaat uit zangeres Rinske Tol en de zangers/gitaristen Jürgen Rijkers en Solon Carpay. Zij zingen hun favoriete liedjes van de jaren ’70 tot nu en kenmerken zich door hun krachtige driestemmige zang en spetterend gitaarwerk!

Voor meer informatie of boekingen, stuur een email naar face_the_music [a] yahoo.com